Ozyptila atomaria

Ozyptila atomaria: A Fascinating Spider Species

Ozyptila atomaria is a species of spider that belongs to the family Thomisidae, commonly known as crab spiders. These spiders are found in Europe, Central Asia, and North Africa. Ozyptila atomaria is commonly known as the green crab spider due to its vibrant green coloration. In this article, we will explore the characteristics, habitat, behavior, and significance of this fascinating spider species.

Physical Characteristics

Ozyptila atomaria has a unique and striking appearance. Its body is typically green, but can also vary from yellowish-green to greenish-brown. The body is elongated and flattened, and measures around 6-10mm in length. The legs are relatively long and slender, and they are also green in color. The eyes of the spider are arranged in two rows of four, and are relatively large in size.


Green crab spiders are found in a variety of habitats, including woodlands, meadows, and gardens. They are commonly found on flowers, where they wait patiently for their prey. The spider’s green coloration helps it to blend in with its surroundings, making it an effective ambush predator. These spiders are typically found in warmer climates, and are most active during the summer months.


Green crab spiders are solitary creatures, and are not known to form colonies or nests. They are active during the day, and spend most of their time waiting for their prey. When a potential meal comes into range, the spider will pounce on it with lightning speed, using its long legs to immobilize its prey. The spider’s venom is not considered to be harmful to humans, and is primarily used to subdue its prey.


Ozyptila atomaria plays an important role in its ecosystem, as it helps to control the population of insects and other small invertebrates. Its presence in gardens and meadows can help to reduce the damage caused by pests, making it a valuable ally to farmers and gardeners alike. Additionally, the spider’s unique coloration and striking appearance make it a popular subject for nature photography.

In conclusion, Ozyptila atomaria is a fascinating spider species that has captured the attention of scientists and nature enthusiasts alike. Its unique coloration, behavior, and ecological significance make it an important part of our natural world. While it may be small in size, this spider has a big impact on the ecosystems in which it lives.

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