Alopecosa accentuata

Alopecosa accentuata is a species of spider that belongs to the Lycosidae family. It is commonly known as the Stripe-tailed Wolf Spider due to the distinctive white stripe on its abdomen. This spider is found across the Northern Hemisphere, including North America, Europe, and Asia.

Physical Appearance:

Alopecosa accentuata is a medium-sized spider, with females growing up to 15 mm in length, while males are slightly smaller, averaging around 12 mm. The spider’s body is elongated and covered with fine, golden-brown hairs. The cephalothorax, or the front part of the spider’s body, is dark brown and covered with a distinct pattern of light-colored markings. The abdomen is also brown, with a narrow white stripe running down its center. The legs are long and robust, with alternating bands of dark and light-colored markings.

Habitat and Distribution:

Alopecosa accentuata is a ground-dwelling spider that can be found in a variety of habitats, including forests, meadows, and grasslands. It is particularly common in areas with sandy or loamy soil. This spider is widely distributed across the Northern Hemisphere, ranging from the Arctic Circle to the southern United States, and from Europe to Asia.


Like most wolf spiders, Alopecosa accentuata is an active hunter that relies on its keen eyesight to locate prey. These spiders are primarily nocturnal and are often seen running across the ground in search of food. They are solitary spiders and do not build webs to capture prey. Instead, they use their strong legs to run down and catch their prey.


Alopecosa accentuata is an oviparous spider, meaning that it lays eggs. The female typically lays her eggs in a silk-lined burrow in the ground. She then covers the eggs with silk and stands guard over them until they hatch. Once the spiderlings emerge from the eggs, they disperse and begin hunting on their own.


Alopecosa accentuata is a common and widespread spider that is not considered threatened. However, like many species of spiders, it is often misunderstood and feared by humans. This spider plays an important role in its ecosystem, controlling populations of insects and other small invertebrates. It is also a valuable food source for many predators, including birds, reptiles, and other spiders.


Alopecosa accentuata is a fascinating and important spider that is found across the Northern Hemisphere. Its distinctive markings and active hunting behavior make it a common sight in many habitats. While it may be feared by some, this spider plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of its ecosystem.

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